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  • Run with me!

    If you like jazz and adrenaline, then you might like my new project, Run With Sam. It’s free, it’s easy, and you don’t need any special gear. Want to start running? Run with me! I’m full of good intentions, but I don’t always follow through. So I wouldn’t mind a bit of company. I’m using […]

  • Here are all the thoughts

    This is a journal type blog entry, rather than a cleverly developed argument or discussion. Because I just can’t be fucked. I went to see Tuba Skinny again last night and stayed up too late and it was all fun. Except I got quite tired by the end because I had had a big day […]

  • January round up

    (photo of Mary Lou Williams, extremely awesome woman pianist, who fucking PWND the fairly dick-centred boogiewoogie piano world, from here. She was all about OWNING the discourse.) I’m back running, desperate to get some serious exercise during the christmas dancing drought. So far it’s going well, except today I did run 2 of week 2 […]

  • fitness: e210k w2r2

    calories 428 effort 5/5 distance 4.4 km duration 00:33 pace 07:29 Kicked. My. Arse. Should probably have gone running _before_ walking, and in the morning when it was cooler. But still, didn’t stop and got as far as last time. 16 days ago Weather cloudyhotsunny

  • fitness: e210k w2r1

    Currently 4/5 effort 4/5 calories: 428, pace: 07:29, duration: 0.33 distance: 4.4 km _Finally_ feel as though I have this running thing back under control. Slow run is slow, though. Weather: cloudy, windy

  • fitness: e10k w1r3

    feeling: 4/5 effort: 4/5 distance: 3.8km, time: 0:28, pace: 7:22, calories: 363 Ridiculously slow time. But felt a _lot_ easier. I’m going to get back up to speed slowly. Weather: sunny

  • fitness: E210k w1r2

    duration: 00:28, pace: 07:46, calories: 363, effort 5/5, distance: 3.6km, feeling good Sooorest calves, probably a result of dancing last night. Still having trouble breathing. Stupid freekin allergies. This would be easier if I did it three times a week instead of twice. Not happy with my speed, but I figure it’s not too bad […]

  • fitness: E210k w1r1

    feeling: 5/5 effort 5/5 duration 0:39, distance 4km, pace 09:45, calories 506 Started the Ease into 10k program. Ran later in the day (for obvious reasons) and while the consequences of a christmas-without-rules made it a bit of a challenge, the really difficult bit was breathing – I’m still having allergy troubles. STILL. But finished […]

  • fitness: 30min run

    feeling 4/5, effort: 5/5 distance 4.4 km duration 00:30 pace 06:49, calories 389 Surprised myself by finishing an entire 30 minute run without having to stop and walk. Think I’m finally getting it together again, fitness wise. It’s taken three weeks, which isn’t as quickly as I’d like, but I figure what counts is that […]

  • fitness: run

    feeling: good, distance 4.6km, pace 10:52, effort 5/5, calories: 649 Started out doing a usual run but realised that I just wasn’t up to it. Not feeling all that fit at the moment, it’s hot, new shoes, etc etc meant that I couldn’t face a full on run. So I flicked through the c25k runs […]