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  • round up

    Enough of the random posts. Just join them all together and make one long stream of consciousness post. Right now my stomach is feeling unsure. It began feeling unsure yesterday after I had chicken salad from the joint in Summer Hill. I wouldn’t have eaten there if it hadn’t been 4pm and I hadn’t forgotten […]

  • big, long round up

    To celebrate a return to blogdom…. That’s some mighty fine balboa right there. Bal is the ‘tighty whitey’ member of the swing dance family. Seriously popular, seriously cool and absolutely fabulous for really sweet leading and following. There’s less ‘room’ for the follow to improvise (though a decent follow can make it work), but that’s […]

  • weekly round-up

    Today is a kind of day out of time for me. The thesis is with the Supes, to be looked at later on (and to be talked about next Thursday). Next week I’m going to get into all the annoying administrative bits of submitting a thesis – cover sheets, descriptions, forms, etc. But this week […]

  • yoga fc

    It’s world cup time in Melbourne, and even I’m getting a little bit excited. SBS is the world cup channel, with stacks of neat little films on the soccer theme, games, and novelty shows like the one about the socceroos theme song, and of course, Nerds FC. Tonight was the final show (though you can […]

  • taking a cat for a walk: DJing and phenomenological media studies

    I’m addressing some interesting points Brian raise in the comments to the unexpectedly entry from a couple entries ago. Brian writes in that comment: That of course leads on to the big question is: “Is playing a small amount of non-swing music at a swing event a major problem.” The smarty pants answer would be, […]

  • post-yoga lassitude

    post-yoga lassitude 1 We’ve begun level one yoga – this is week 2. Level Bubs was proving to basic for us, but level Ones… is proving a little draining. Last night I rode home and Crinks caught the bus/tram to my place, and we had to lie on the bed and eat because we were […]