fitness: not c25k w7r2

feeling: blah distance: 4.4 km duration: 00:45 pace: 10:13

Started running but got CRAAAAAMPS in BOTH claves so I had to walk. And then I had to walk more. It took SO LONG to get home. Bah. Rubbish. Think it’s because I did so much dancing this week and obviously didn’t do all my proper stretches. Boo to me.
It’s much, much warmer these days, so I’m going to have to get running in the earlier morning. Think I’ll get down to the local pool to do laps. I love swimming laps. Rlly.

fitness: c25k wk7r1

feeling:good, calories: 454 distance: 4.6 km, duration: 00:35, pace: 07:36, effort: 4/5, sunny
Surprised I made it through the whole thing without stopping to walk. But also pleased that I made it as far as I did last time, but without the extra 10minutes walking.

fitness: c25k wk6r3

distance: 4.8 km duration: 00:40 pace: 08:20 feeling: good, effort: 4/5, calories: 519
10 minutes extra walking because it was a glorious day.
Did the wk6 r3 run, but halved the walking time in the middle because I should have been doing wk7r1.
Felt fine, but utterly exhausted afterwards, just like after dancing and walking on the weekend.
Weak girl is weak.
2 days ago

fitness: c25k w6r2

distance: 4.6km, duration: 0:30, pace: 06:31, calories: 389, feeling: good, effort:3/5
CanNOT figure out how to map my run. :(
Had a shocking headache but decided to go for a run to see if the exercise would shake it loose. And it did. Yay. Mid-way realised I’d stuffed up with the ipod (again), so just ran to where I usually turn around, and then walked the middle walk block from there.
Realised I was late for Dr’s appt afterwards, so just walked on to Summer Hill straight away.
Feeling good: cold has pretty much gone and knee/foot/etc are all ace. Running: I <3 you. about 5 hours ago Weather

fitness: c25k w6r1

distance: 4.45km, time: 0:30, pace: 06:44, calories: 389, feeling: great, effort: 4/5
Better time, better distance. But dealing with a nasty knot of cramp in my left calf which started on Sunday during dance work. Will rest and stretch, rest and stretch.
Got puffed, got snotty (it’s spring!), but think I’ve finally ditched that annoying slumpy bug that was bringing me down. All-strong, all the time from now on.

fitness: c25k w5r3

distance: 3.99km, duration: 0:30, pace: 07:31, calories: 389, feeling: good: effort: 3/5
Had some minor knee aches yesterday and thought perhaps I shouldn’t do the 20min running block of wk5r3 today, but I couldn’t help myself. Will see if I pay for this. Think knee pain is related to failure to do knee exercises on weekend. Bad, bad elite athlete.
Found the longer block fine, though I worked a bit harder than I thought I would. Overall, I’m fitter than I was the first time I did this, but I have lost a lot of fitness since I finished c25k the first time

fitness: c25k w5r2

distance: 3.99km, duration: 0:30, pace: 07:31, calories: 389
I am STILL running the same distance as during week 4.
The two long blocks were surprisingly unhard. I thought it was another ipod mistake, and took it as a challenge. It was nice to actually think ‘oo, this will be harder’ and then to push myself a bit. But I didn’t actually run very fast or very far, so I guess it wasn’t that big a deal.
But I’m looking forward to the rest of the week5 runs.

fitness: c25k w5r1

duration: 00:30, pace: 07:31, calories: 389, effort:3/5, feeling: good, distance: 3.99km
Nice. Week 5 reminds me that this is actually running, not a doodleoodle walk. It wasn’t as hard the first time, but my body made it clear that it’s not really as fit as it was.
I’ve been off the antihistamines for a couple of days and I reckon it’s making me feel less lethargic. Or at least the placebo is thoroughly on-track. :D

fitness: c25k w4r3

km tracked: 3.99, pace: 07:31, duration: 0:30, calories: 389, feeling: alright
Tired tired tired. I’ve had enough of this low-energy tiredness. But it didn’t really affect my running that much, just made me feel tiiiiired.
I did run 3 of c25k wk4 again because I’ve had a week off for Canberrang.

fitness: c25k w4r3

feeling: good, distance: 3.99 km, duration: 00:30, pace: 07:31, calories: 389
Nice. I’m kind of ready to get back to proper running in my brainz, but I will resist and keep taking it easy so my knee doesn’t explode.
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