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  • January round up

    (photo of Mary Lou Williams, extremely awesome woman pianist, who fucking PWND the fairly dick-centred boogiewoogie piano world, from here. She was all about OWNING the discourse.) I’m back running, desperate to get some serious exercise during the christmas dancing drought. So far it’s going well, except today I did run 2 of week 2 […]

  • fitness: c25k w9r3

    calories: 519 effort 5/5 feeling good distance 5.2 km duration 00:40 pace 07:41 Why am I still running at lunch time?! Ran today instead of swimming because I have lots of dancing planned for tomorrow night so I want the less-impactness of swimming for tomorrow. Didn’t run very quickly today because I was a bit […]

  • fitness: c25k w9r2

    duration: 0.40 pace: 07:08, effort 4/5 calories: 519 feeling: great distance: 5.6 km HOT! No more running at lunch time! Got the allergies atm, so I was puffing like a steam train. And the snot – the snot! But despite the heat, the run left me feeling GREAT. Without the warm up and warm down […]

  • fitness: running, stretching, walking

    This is the week I record all my incidental exercise. c25k w9r1 duration: 0.40 pace:07:41 calories: 454 effort 5/5 feeling: good distance: 5.2km Kicked. My. Arse. But I didn’t stop, except once when I had to do up my shoe lace. But even then I kept going. What is with this fatigue feeling? It’s allergy […]

  • fitness: c25k w8r3

    calories: 454, effort 4/5, feeling: good, distance: 4.8 km, druation: 00:35, pace: 07:17 Finally managed a slightly longer distance! I think my fitness is up after the weekend, I had a couple of rest days, and I wasn’t stewing over the pain of the run, so I felt better. ….and it looks like I messed […]

  • fitness: c25k 28r1

    calories: 454 effort: 4/5 distance: 4.6 km duration: 00:35 pace: 07:36 Running after 10am – bad idea. It’s going to be HOT running in summer. I need some sort of plan. Ok, so it took me 3 minutes to run 200m. I’m not sure that’s true. But, at least I’m _consistently_ slow. Weather: hot sunny

  • fitness: c25k w7r3

    effort: 4/5, feeling: good, distance: 4.4 km, duration 00:35 07:57 pace, 454 calories Must. Run. Earlier. Sun is very bright. Forgotten where I’d gotten to in the c25k so just did a week 7 run again. I’m not getting any faster. But it is getting easier.

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    Currently 5/5 Effort.effort: 5/5, feeling: good, distance: 4.4 km, duration: 00:35, pace: 07:57 calories: 454 Slow runner is slow. Had a proper rest day yesterday to ease the knees. Still slow today. But that’s ok because I am _strong_.

  • fitness: c25k w7r1

    effort: 5/5, pace: 07:57, distance: 4.4km, duration: 0:35, feeling: good, calories: 454 Kicked my arse, but I didn’t stop to walk. Swapping in 2 swims instead of a Wednesday run is a good thing for my knee and hamstrings. Getting hot, though. I’m going to have to run earlier in the morning soon.

  • fitness: c25k w7r1

    km: 4.4 km duration: 00:30 pace: 06:49 feeling: good calories: 389 feeling: good I had started doing the 3rd run, but realised half way through that my calves were not going to make it. So I changed to the slightly less intense run 1. I think the extra dancing I’ve been doing is trashing my […]