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  • i need that little nibble more

    We are sitting on the malodorous settee listening to CW Stoneking (pwning present, Squeeze!) and playing on our laptops. I have just finished all the cashews. I have also eaten the last gingerbread tree biscuit. The Squeeze has eaten the last mince tart. Neither of us can bare another piece of turkey, though we are […]

  • excessive sensuality

    Last night I did some fancy cooking. It’s been a while since I really cooked – you know, the sort of cooking where you use every single pot and pan, the blender, the food processor and at least sixty zillion ingredients. Sure, I cook regularly, and have people over for meals, but I’m talking serious […]

  • the Great Barbeque Effort of 2006

    I had considered blogging each of the photos from the cooking efforts last week, but decided flickr was the appropriate tool for this job. I suggest beginning with this photo in flickr, then following the ‘more’ arrows to the right. Duh me for uploading in the wrong order. NB: for recipes consult the Gastropod Wednesday […]

  • gastropod wednesday

    We are organising a barbeque for our houseguests and selves (and a few others) tomorrow night. Here’s the menu: Fish and Herb Salad Orange and Spinach Salad Kumara Salad ‘Mexican’ Potato Salad and assorted meats, including these possibles: chicken-on-sticks (thigh meat marinated in coriander, garlic, lemon, etc) chicken wings (in soy, ginger, etc) quail (possibly […]

  • Gastropodry: bunny and Jay

    Right now I have a bunny (on) the oven… oh, look, I’m sorry. That was far too desperate. To restart: I’ve finally succumbed to the temptation and am cooking my first rabbit. It’s the perfect opportunity: The Squeeze (who loathes meat on the bone, and finds the thought of eating bunnies distressing) is out, it’s […]

  • gastropodry

    I’m really trying to think of the last thing I cooked… oh yeah, right. Corned beef. I’d only had this a few times, in central Queensland, where a sandwhich with ‘corned beef’ in it at a country pub or cafe has nothing to do with cans, but more to do with hours in a pot […]

  • simple pleasures

    The best part of looking at site stats today was finding my site was a hit for a search for “how nanna would make pumpkin soup”. That pleases me. I wish I had more to offer in the gastropod way of things. But I don’t. Buggered if I can remember what I’ve eaten this week. […]