Seoul fashion report:

Shoulder bags and hand bags are de rigeur in this crowded city, and we still see plenty of neutral hues and conservative shades. Printed calico totes are (finally) on their way out, but Seoulsiders specialise in the well-designed fabric carry bag. These soft, practical accessories are perfect with the relaxed silhouette of this warm season.

Seoul Fashion Report:

The younger set are living in their very short shorts, particularly cut off denim in white, blue, and black. But for a softer, dressier warm-evening look, they’re topping them with knee length open shirts in flowing floral cotton. A simple white sleeveless undershirt and sandals complete the look. We aren’t convinced this style will stay, but it’s perfect for summer.

Seoul fashion report:

The simple shift dress in linen or cotton is perfect for summer in Seoul. Matched with sandals of all descriptions, but most pleasingly those with a thicker soul and interesting straps. Features: asymmetrical buttons or a ruffled hem. We still see plenty of raglan sleeves and drop shoulders, and the silhouette is chicly androgynous.

Seoul fashion report:

Seoul is a hot wet mess today, and no one’s staying dry. And after that heat, the rain is a real pleasure! Raincoats are unbearable, so umbrellas are kept to hand. Shoes? Sandals! The Teva comes into its own, and there isn’t a stocking in sight.

Seoul fashion report:

Gentlemen are still saying yes to the horizontal stripe on a tshirt, but make it wide. The wider the better, and in navy or black. Pair it with tidy shorts in black, and finish with sturdy sandals. Teva are very now, but the latest season Doc sandal is very acceptable.

Seoul fashion report:

when the humidity’s high, and the temperature is _hot_, Seoul bares skin. Gentlemen sport sporty shorts, and ladies let their legs breathe in skirts.

Our favourite trend is the calf-length trouser. Only just arriving in Australia, this uncomfortable-in-winter style has stuck around for summer in Seoul. We approve!

seoul fashion report (mature lady edition):

The ajumma invented power clashing, both in fashion and in bargain hunting, but she understands context. Florals in earth tones or pastels for casual daywear, matched with sensible flats for shopping. But when she goes off-road with her peers, the aunty bumps her colours up into the hi-vis, saturated range. Fabrics are water-resistant, pockets are zippered, and pouches are many.
Truly, this is an aesthetic for the age.

Seoul fashion report:

Silhouettes are longer, with straight lines and hanging knits and jackets without a waistline. Hemlines are mid-calf on the fashion-forward, in both skirts and trousers. Unless you are 17, then the very short skirt is chic.
Last season’s uncles have once again heralded this season’s trend: large plaids.
Shoulder bags and slim-line backpacks are always de rigeur for Seoul’s crowded subway, and there are quite a few soft berets and brimmed hats on the street.

If you enjoyed the late 80s and early 90s, you’ll enjoy Seoul in autumn 2016.

Seoul fashion report day 2:

Definite highlight of summer in Seoul: the better turned out Gentlemen of Fashion roll their trouser up a little higher to reveal a well-turned ankle and a neat brogue. Approve.

Teen fashion: burkenstocks (matching for couples), thick-soled, thick-strapped sandals (gold, black, white) and legs. Lots and lots of legs in lots and lots of tiny shorts.

Teen boy fashion: bowl cut hair. Say goodbye to shaved edges, and wear it long and thick.

Later this season mainstream fashionistas will be wearing forgettable neutrals (blah), though the edgier peeps will still be rocking the wide-legged, mid-calf length trouser and the longer skirt. Yes please.

Seoul indy street fashion report:

Oxford shirts, oxford shirts. Wear them buttoned to the chin, and wear them in every single fabric you can find. Pair them with a round necked knitted sweater or a cardigan. Put a brooch on it.
Skirts are mid-calf, and there are buttons down the front of dresses. Say yes to berets, to huge, dark rimmed glasses, and the sleek bob/sharp fringe is definitely in for ladies of fashion. Jackets and coats are bulky and square – very 1980s.
Trousers are likewise mid-calf (for men and women fashionistas!), fuller-lines (goodbye skinny jeans), and have double pleats and nice placquet pocket features. Think tweed, nice wools, and ‘natural’ colours.

My tip: the sleek-lined, rectangular ‘laptop’ backpack (perfect for Seoul’s packed subway) are in for the more m/s fashionistas, and very excellent. Solid colours for people like me, browns and neutrals with leather features for people like Alice.