International DJ Sam Carroll

Sam loves jazz. What type of jazz? Basie said it best: “Four solid beats to the bar and no cheating!”
Sam DJs for lindy hoppers, and her usual goal is: manic crazed adrenaline junky party. The best men for that job are Count Basie and Lionel Hampton, and of course, in front of every good man is a good woman: Mary Lou Williams, Ella Fitzgerald, or Billie Holiday. Yes, Sam likes a big serve of meat and potatoes. Nothing complicated here.

Sam’s been DJing since 2004, and got into lindy hop in 1998 because she loved jazz. Before the face to face fun stopped, Sam DJed and conducted workshops for DJs all over Australia and the world, and ran large dance events with programs of live and DJed music.
Since COVID19 stopped everyone having face to face fun, Sam has started DJing online. That means changing it up a little, adding in a wider range of tempos and musical styles, and …using the MICROPHONE! (Just DJ!) She’s also started dabbling in actual broadcast radio. Loves it.

2020 has challenged jazz, but jazz has won.

Sam has most recently DJed online for Track Town Swing’s parties in Oregon (2021), Melbourne Lindy Exchange (2020), Jazz Together in Melbourne (October), and Global Online Social in the US (2021). You might have heard her interviewed on the Track, playing on Yehoodi radio or on that Swedish radio show En Halvetimme Jazz.