Happy New Year

2020 hasn’t been so bad for me. I started it very ill in Stockholm, but I got to see Swedish friends away from the hothouse of dance events. During the year I missed my overseas friends very, very much*, but I also spent good times walking, eating, and playing in parks with visitors and locals. I didn’t dance once, but I rediscovered yoga, I went running, kicked a soccer ball, and rediscovered my colour pencils. Ironically, my mental and physical health were at an all time high this year, and I discovered my natural hair colour. The two aren’t necessarily related. I learnt the basics of carpentry, moved on with an advanced pattern drafting course, spent my first whole winter in six years in one time zone, and, perhaps most excitingly, I discovered foamcore.

If I could have one thing this year, it would be a kinder government, who chose to care for citizens and strangers instead of hurting them. If I could have two things this year, I’d add the chance to see and touch my friends again. I miss you all so much.
But most of all, this year I hope for happiness and good health, for every one of us.

*so much

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