mask rage?

Australians*: please don’t get your rage on about people not wearing masks. I know you’re afraid. But the people who will suffer most from aggressive mask policing are not random white people at Bunnings. It will be the poor and homeless, Blak kids and migrant workers.

If you feel the urge to rantpost about masks, have a look at this great image, and allow yourself a moment to let the rage leak out like a long, squeaky fart.

And remember to wash your hands, not touch your face, and keep 2m between you and other people.

*same for you too, probably USA people. And also Black Lives Matter.


One response to “mask rage?”

  1. Yes – this! One thing I’ve noticed in the past few months, when going to my local supermarket, is that pretty much all the white folk who used to work there have left, and it’s almost exclusively staffed by people of colour – both stocking shelves and working the frontline. (And this is in a neighbourhood that has a very white demographic.)

    They’re the ones that will suffer the most from future outbreaks. We need to listen to the calls to mask up when going shopping – even if we’re not in a hotspot.

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