I am 99% likely to buy your album on bandcamp if you are a modern day jazz band playing recreationist swinging jazz.
I am about 10% likely to listen to that album and 3% likely to DJ anything from that album.

If you’re a dancer, the odds of my playing or listening to your album drop even further.

See, I love to support modern bands, but, frankly, there’s a lot of mediocre music played by inexperienced musicians out there. You need to do more than be a high profile lindy hopper who can plink out a tune on a piano or a guitar to impress me. And don’t get me started on vocalists.

So, sure, he’s my $20 or $15 (that’s what I’ll pay for an album or e.p.). But I’m not sure I can give you my speaker time. Not when there’s Basie I haven’t listened to in at least a week.

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  1. Does being in a modern swing band but rarely DJ’ing modern swing bands make me a hypocrite? ;) I basically agree with your post. We all have a lot of work to do and I want to DJ the best stuff.

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