Weekend of fun

This weekend looks like fun.


Geoff Bull and the Finer Cuts are doing their first explicitly-for-dancers gig at the Performance ball on Saturday. SQUEE (linky)


The Speakeasy is on again after the ball, and that will be FUNTIMES as they are doing the usual excellence, but also including a jam style battle. There aren’t any rules for this battle, really. You go in as an individual, as a lindy hop partnership, as a solo partnership, and you dance what you need to dance, then you get out. There are real prizes and everything. I have no idea how it’s actually judged, but as per usual Speakeasy style, audience participation and general enthusiasm will no doubt be deciding factors.

I’m DJing a set at the Speakeasy in the main lindy hop part of the space, and I’m really looking forward to that. FUNTIMES.

The details:

Performance Ball
– Saturday 25 August, doors open 7.30pm, close at 11.15pm
– Free class with Sam (aka me) and Alice from 8pm
– Balmain Town Hall
– $25 online purchase or $30 at the door
– Featuring live music by Geoff Bull & The Finer Cuts and live dance performances.

and then

Speakeasy Late Night Party
– Saturday 25 August, doors open 11.30pm, close _very late_
– Entry $10
– Crossover Dance Studios, level 1, 22 Goulburn St CBD
– DJed music for srs party time dancing (2 rooms of music)
– lots of (free) cakes, snacks and goodies
– late night jam-style battle (open to and welcoming all solo and partner dancers)

NB: if you’re short of cash or want a chance to meet some peeps, both events love volunteers and comp them with free entry.

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