big korean apples

A bunch of Sydney peeps have just left for Korea. Because that is where the lindy hop is at. So this nice little drawing from a Korean kid is appropriate:

Image from inseduck.

And I liked this one:

It captures the feel of one of the best bits of this ‘RTSF 2012 Instructors Jam’ video:

I really like that little performance with the square because it’s a game, and I love dancing games. And it demonstrates how you really need to take some risks to be hot shit, and if you take a few risks (I am thinking of that little bit of air that Laura and Jeremy – the third couple – pull) and combine them with skillz, you really are rocking the lindy hop. To me, this is what lindy hop competition is all about: skillz + taking a few risks + showing off. I do like the way the first couple play it safe and really do good work (I like their type of balboa), the second show it’s not that simple a challenge with a few mistakes, and then the third couple rocks it. I think the success of L&J’s work is partly a result of this position as third couple. ‘Third time’s a charm’ is particularly apt for lindy hoppers with our jazz roots.

If you scroll through that block of little drawings and paintings, they seem to be mostly moments from videos. Which fascinates me, because I love the way dancers use digital media to do all sorts of creative things.

(NB the swing daily and Wandering and Pondering on FB hooked me up with these images and clips respectively)

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