Women’s History Month: Ann Johnson!

Member of the Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers, Ann Johnson was seriously badass (you can see her undies – and hardcore leg muscles – here. She and her partner (Billy Williams) are the first onto the floor in the jitterbug contest section of the ‘Keep Punchin” short (at about 3.08 in this clip):


She and her partner (Frankie Manning) are the fourth couple in the Hellzapoppin’ sequence (at about 3:59 in this clip):


Props to Bobby White for listing all the dancers in his post on iconic dance clips. There are lots of women dancers that I really want to list, but who aren’t identified in the footage!

Edit: I’m going to try to add all the clips featuring a dancer I can find to each of these posts. Try.

“Jitterbug History” features the Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers from 2.01, and Ann Johnson (with Frankie Manning) is the third couple (thanks to Bobby again for the cast list.

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