I’m nearing the end of the semester and the end of my course. Only two or three weeks to go. And two assignments. I’m going to be glad when it’s done, but I’m also sorry to be ending the learning here. I’d like to do another degree. Or another research project or something where I get to do more learning and reading and writing. Oh well. Time to get onto the job applications. Which of course I’m dreading.

We’re just about to have our second Sydney exchange in six weeks in about a week or so (maybe two weeks?) and I’m too busy with uni to think about it properly. I’m doing some DJing so I should get it together. I’m also thinking about going in the solo charleston comp, but I don’t have the brain to get that together either. After that there’s about a week or so before MLX in Melbourne. Then it’s all over dance-wise til the next year. Phew.

I’m wondering how I’m going to keep up my exercise in the hot weather. I think I need a hot weather alternative.

Plans are afoot for a garden group in our apartment complex. I’m spearheading it, so it’ll be the slowest group ever. Which is kind of appropriate for a gardening group. Our balcony’s plants are doing well in the warmer weather with the longer days and lovely rain. So we finally have home grown herbs.

I’m doing quite a bit of sewing atm. Mostly because I’m a bit bored. Uni is fun but it doesn’t quite fill up my days. Probably because I don’t really push it hard enough. But I can get through the readings quickly enough and it’s not actually all that complicated. It can be tricky to learn the skills, but the thinking side is quite simple. Which is a bit frustrating, but it’s good to learn some new skills and learn how to learn in a new way.

I’m still trying to sort out this wordpress template, but it’s not going very well. I can’t really quite be bothered putting a lot of work into it.

I do have things to write here on this blog, but I’ve just not gotten it together.

Oh, I’d meant this post to be more interesting, but I feel a nap coming on…

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