fitness: walking, stretching, swimming, cycling

This is a week when I record all my incidental exercise. This is today’s

morning swim
distance: 1000 m duration: 00:30, calories: 271, feeling: great
Next time I’m having breakfast before I swim. Riding home then grocery shopping; first time I’ve ever felt faint from hunger. Think I might need to push it a bit harder, as I’m kind of dawdling up and down the lanes. Which is nice.

to the pool
effort 1/5, distance: calories: 56, feeling: great
quick ride to the pool and then to the shops. not sure how long it took, but probably about 5mins, if that.

duration: 1.00, effort 2/5 feeling great
3xstretches 01:00
My usual lot of stretches take 20mins all up, and I do them three times a day without fail. They include: four foot exercises (1×12 of each); 1 hamstring stretch (2×12); 2 knee exercises (2×12 and 1min hold); 2 ITB exercises (1×12 of each); 1x core thing (1×12).
I’m thinking of adding another core strengthener and a psoas stretch

to the bus stop and back!
Currently 1/5 Effort.effort 1/5, distance: 1km, calories: 6, feeling: good
My usual trip to the bus stop. Takes about 10 mins I think.

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