fitness: swimming, walking, cycling, stretching

This is a week when I record all my incidental exercise. This is today’s

feeling: great, distance: 1000m, duration 0.25 calories 226

I felt quite fatigued, and I thought it was because of dance work last night and having less than 12 hours between blocks of exercise. But I managed to swim faster than usual, which is odd. Oh well. It’s definitely getting bright out there during the day – I need to get a rashy STAT as I’m getting tan lines.
I love swimming because it stretches out my sore muscles, especially my psoas, which are my new Challenge Muscle(s). Massage eased it last night, but the night before I’d had trouble sleeping when I rolled onto my side. Need to add a new stretch for it to my regular stretches.
Still wear my goggles too tight.

to the pool
effort 1/5, distance: calories: 56, feeling: great
Usual commute to the pool and home. Kicked my ARSE on the hill on the way home because swimming really tired me out today.

duration: 1.00, effort 2/5 feeling great
3xstretches 01:00
My usual lot of stretches take 20mins all up, and I do them three times a day without fail. They include: four foot exercises (1×12 of each); 1 hamstring stretch (2×12); 2 knee exercises (2×12 and 1min hold); 2 ITB exercises (1×12 of each); 1x core thing (1×12).
I’m thinking of adding another core strengthener and a psoas stretch

to the shops!
calories: 13, distance: 2k, effort: 1/5 feeling: great
Ordinary walk to the shops and back. Nothing to report..

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