fitness: running, stretching, walking

This is the week I record all my incidental exercise.

c25k w9r1
duration: 0.40 pace:07:41 calories: 454 effort 5/5 feeling: good distance: 5.2km
Kicked. My. Arse. But I didn’t stop, except once when I had to do up my shoe lace. But even then I kept going.
What is with this fatigue feeling? It’s allergy season, so I could just be tired from that.
Started raining at the end, and that was ok.
[it’s 4.2km without the 10 minutes of walking. I think I’m going to take the walking bit out as of next week. Hopefully I’ll be able to make 5k in 30mins soon. Soon.]

duration: 1.00, effort 2/5
My usual lot of stretches take 20mins all up, and I do them three times a day without fail. They include: four foot exercises (1×12 of each); 1 hamstring stretch (2×12); 2 knee exercises (2×12 and 1min hold); 2 ITB exercises (1×12 of each); 1x core thing (1×12).
I’m thinking of adding another core strengthener and a psoas stretcher.

up to the main street
distance: 2km, calories: 13, effort 1/5 feeling great
Just a little walk up for dinner.

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