B210K: wk2, run1

distance: 7.28 km, time: 00:57, pace: 07:50, calories: 740, effort: 5/5
Tired, now. It was a long run and I was puffing like crazy at the end.
Some arsehole in a 4wd yelled out his window at me for about a minute because I ran past him on a zebra crossing. This is the first time this has happened to me running rather than cycling.
I didn’t yell back, mostly because I was 2mins from home and puffed, but I kept thinking ‘wish he’d check his speedo for me – I bet I’m pwning this’.
Why do these sorts of arseholes think the worst insult they can yell at a woman is ‘fat cow’? Particularly when they’re _stitting_ in a car?
Motorists are fuckwits. I, however, am a running ninja. 7km _and_ I pwned the patriarchy. All in one run.

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