long overdue roundup

I’d really like:
Gordon Webster’s CD ‘Happy When I’m With You’;
Duke Heitger‘s CDs ‘Prince of Wails’, ‘Krazy Kapers’, ‘Duke Heitger’s New Orleans Wanderers;
Probably some other ones as well.
I’d also like to get over this cold I’ve had since Wednesday. I’ve been lying in bed napping and watching telly for days and it’s getting really old.
The Squeeze has installed the new version of Movable Type. It’s pretty fancy. I should probably have switched to a better blogging application, but that’s a lot of work. Meanwhile, MT and I are struggling on together.
Twitter has stolen my life. Mostly because I can use it on The Squeeze’s old ipod touch when I’m lying in bed being pathetic.
We have bought a flat and are moving in in three weeks. I haven’t booked a mover, bought paint for the painting we’ll do in two weeks, finished packing, given notice to our land lord or… done a bunch of other jobs. I’m not freaking. I have booked the lawn mower guy to come do the lawns the week we move out.
SLX was fun, but boy did I get a heavy dose of the exchange flu for my efforts. We have another exchange coming up in the near future (SSF) and I hope I’m together for that. We’ll see. Then it’s MLX in November in Melbourne, and I really hope I’m well by then – it’s the biggest social dancing event of the year for me. And DJing. I’d like to get a bit on top of my DJing for that.
PS I’ve just come across this great set of live toobs of Heigter playing in a restaurant, over on Jazz lives.

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  1. Hey, CONGRATULATIONS on the purchase – it was on the cards on Twitter, but it’s exciting to get confirmation that you’ve actually done it. Will you have somewhere to grow a few plants?
    Hope you’re feeling better soon.

  2. Yep, we did buy it and we’re moving in in a few weeks. We have a sort of long, windowbox thing (kind of like a long narrow concrete garden bed) which will be perfect for herbs.
    The townhouse is in a large complex which has serious landscaping – very 70s hippie native plant landscaping rather than ugly ‘modern’ landscaping. That’s one of the main things that decided us on the place. We decided against sanding floors ourselves and are getting the dodgy brothers to do it. But we’ll do some painting ourselves before we move in.
    I’m getting better already, thanks, it’s just frustrating when I’ve so much to pack, still.

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