domestic violence in Veronica Mars

I’m not sure about Veronica Mars. In the episode I’ve just watched, Logan’s movie star dad beats the shit out of his daughter’s boyfriend. The boyfriend had been beating up the daughter, quite badly. While the father beats up the boyfriend, the Dean Martin song ‘That’s Amore’ is playing and the father is telling the story of how his father beat his mother. Veronica and Logan arrive as the father beats the boyfriend with a belt. Veronica is shocked. The daughter/sister is crying, distraught, begging her father to stop.
The most disturbing part? In an earlier episode we see Logan’s father beating him with a belt.
And don’t forget – Veronica still isn’t sure who assaulted her at the party. It could have been Logan – who she’s beginning to have a bit of a thing for (I can see the appeal – he is a clever mouth; but he’s not the hawt deputy dawg boyfriend Veronica’s also been seeing).
It’s all a bit disturbing. And it’s kind of interesting to see how the program handles these issues – it’s not in your face, wrapped-up-in-an-episode melodrama. It’s sustained over the entire season (so far) and the morality isn’t cut and dried.

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  1. Yes Veronica Mars is awesome, particularly the first season, not so much the last (season 3) but watch the whole serie you will see, amazing writing and cast.

  2. It’s sustained over the entire season (so far) and the morality isn’t cut and dried.
    And that’s why Veronica Mars is awesome. It’s like The Wire: everything takes longer to play out. That’s why I’m not sure that your earlier comments about class and race, and here about V’s party assault, are quite right. They become more important as the show progresses, even into the second and third seasons.

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