monday jazzblogging (because everyday’s caturday when you likes jass)

I wish I could shimmy like my sister Kate ~ Mugsy Spanier and His Ragtime Band 1939

Oh, wish I could shimmy,
like my sister Kate,
Now she shakes it like jelly,
On a plate.
My momma wanted,
To know last night,
Why the boys think Kate’s so nice,
Every boy in my neighbourhood
Now knew she could shimmy
And it’s understood,
I might be late,
But I’ll be up to date,
When I can shimmy like my sister Kate
I’m shoutin’
shimmy like my sister Kate,
Oh boy.

Just one verse, really, but it’s worth it, just for that line – she shakes it like jelly, on a plate. I like that sort of talk.
And the saucy trumpet (or is it a cornet?) solo makes it all work. But really, we’re all just waiting for the big old shouting chorus at the end.
(That’s not Kid’s Ragtime Band there in the image, it’s his other band – the Original Creole Jazz Band).
[PS – I just found this ‘collection of New Orleans greats by Mahalia Jackson’ and nearly weed with excitement. Apparently it’s a misprint. Wracked with disappointment. Trying to get over it]
[PPS my favourite Kid Ory song is ‘Creole Bo Bo’ – a French nursery rhyme done with a seriously swinging New Orleans rhythm which makes me HAPPY! It also defies DJing. At 203bpm, with French lyrics, an obviously nursery rhyme melody and too much swing for charleston, it’s just not a song you’ll play every day. For anyone other than yourself.]