Gastropodry: bunny and Jay

Right now I have a bunny (on) the oven… oh, look, I’m sorry. That was far too desperate.
To restart: I’ve finally succumbed to the temptation and am cooking my first rabbit. It’s the perfect opportunity: The Squeeze (who loathes meat on the bone, and finds the thought of eating bunnies distressing) is out, it’s Friday night so I can stop worrying about all the things I have to do – until tomorrow, and my new Jay McShann album arrived today. Gotta love that Kansas City action.
I’ll report back later on the bunny.

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3 responses to “Gastropodry: bunny and Jay”

  1. I’ve eaten it many times, and liked it. This was my first time cooking it.
    Here is how I did it (using my massive Silver Spoon Italian cook book):
    brown the meat (having cut the carcass into pieces) in some olive oil (I used good extra virgin and it was worth it);
    then add chopped garlic, flat leaf parsley and thyme (the latter 2 from our garden), stir in thoroughly;
    add a half cup of white wine (I used red as that’s what we had) and simmer til that evaporates;
    add two chopped, skinned and deseeded tomatoes (chopped is good enough for me);
    cook for an hour or until tender.
    It tasted AMAZING, but was a bit tough – I needed to cook it longer but I couldn’t wait. I had it with some roasted potatos and steamed veggies, including some nice asparagus and brussel sprouts.
    two thumbs from me.
    …did I mention that it tasted AMAZING?

  2. Mmmm. We used to eat a lot of rabbit in my youth. We’d call it ‘D.O.G. Chicken’ so that my little brother wouldn’t be grossed out by the thought of eating a bunny. Chunks individually wrapped in fatty bacon and stewed in red wine with bay is also pretty amazing.