the littler things

When at times the world seems just a little too irritating for words (like the times when the dress you’ve laboured over all day turns out just plain CRAP and you realise you’re STUPID for using the WRONG type of fabric, or when the International Slapper Quota is exceded), it’s nice to remember the little things.
Or the things that should be little but are actually strangely, Aardmanesquely giant

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  1. i want one! i want one! or at least give it a great big squeeze. our family once had a slightly larger rabbit that was super friendly. it would go bounding up to the cats that visited our yard trying to make friends with it but the cats for some reason never stuck around long enough to play – something about it being bigger than them perhaps?

  2. Was this from the Herald Sun? This is the only thing ever which has made me want to read the Herald Sun. His FEET! They’re GIANT! And FURRY!

  3. No, it’s not really a bunny, you can tell by those human shaped feet it’s a three year old in a furry suit. Alright, I’ll accept that it’s the love child of a donkey and a ferret. Have you thought about a rabbit fur dress? (Sorry Corinne)

  4. The Squeeze is responsible for this beauty – – he and crinks are mad for this stuff.
    He says he found it in a BBC news report (I think) – I just get these emails cc’d to crinks from him with photos in them. some i just delete, some are worth sharing.
    this one is wonderful. crinks says the giant bunnies are actually friendlier than smaller ones, but dumber as well.
    sounds good to me – if they come big, i could be interested. the squeeze has decided we’d fence off our whole (concrete) ‘wickian backyard. i think we should put it in a giant pen in the (grassed) front yard so i could score points with the neighbourhood kids (who i’m dying to hang out with – BMX bandits!!).

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