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  • romance

    It’s a mess of a day, but there’s hope.

  • do not want

    Things i don’t need: – Julian Assange in my country – to hear Vivaldi’s Four Seasons in a netflix show again – any more moisture in the air – Brett Whitely.

  • introvert/extrovert

    The ‘Myer Briggs Type Indicator’ was invented by Katharine Cook Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers in the very early 1920s. They weren’t psychologists or trained researchers, and they invented the types without doing extensive testing or research. ‘Types’, in the Myer Briggs world, are inflexible, and predictive. Which is why people like this […]

  • If you do not speak out against injustice, are you complicit in injustice?

    A facebook friend posted this comment: Both sides need to realize that the people who make up the other side are not evil. There’s also nothing wrong with being in the middle or not on a side at all. People are not binary. With a link to the article poll: Most Democrats see Republicans as […]

  • Look at your partner “During the whole time, I’m lookin at my partner. You know like, you dancin on the floor with a young lady, for all night long, you be dancing. You don’t wanna be lookin all around. There’s a young lady in front of you. Pay attention to her. Look at her. You know, you’re dancing. […]

  • Too many white lindy hoppers today care more about long dead black musicians and dancers than they do about the real, living black people in their own neighbourhoods. They care more about the idea of these black people – a myth of black jazz – than they do about actual real people.

  • A small gesture of great worth

    Big dates this week: 27 May: 50th anniversary of the 1967 referendum. 90.77% of the votes were cast in favour of including aboriginal Australians in the census. That means that on Saturday it will only be fifty years that aboriginal Australians (who’d been here for > 40 000 years) have been counted as Australians. 26 […]

  • Shit that gives me the shits

    Male DJs mansplaining jazz history and wanking on and on about shellac and vinyl, but being shit at reading a crowd; All safe space and OH&S workers on events and in dance organisations being women; Male dance teachers’ names being listed first in event PR; Dance classes for ‘follows’ being all about how to do […]

  • we got a doge

    Here are the details: Likes: walks naps snacks Dislikes: water small(er) doges sleeping alone Distinguishing features:  

  • smile, love