fitness: E210k w1r2

duration: 00:28, pace: 07:46, calories: 363, effort 5/5, distance: 3.6km, feeling good
Sooorest calves, probably a result of dancing last night.
Still having trouble breathing. Stupid freekin allergies.
This would be easier if I did it three times a week instead of twice. Not happy with my speed, but I figure it’s not too bad as I’ve stepped up the exercise _generally_.

weather: sunny

fitness: E210k w1r1

feeling: 5/5 effort 5/5 duration 0:39, distance 4km, pace 09:45, calories 506

Started the Ease into 10k program.
Ran later in the day (for obvious reasons) and while the consequences of a christmas-without-rules made it a bit of a challenge, the really difficult bit was breathing – I’m still having allergy troubles. STILL. But finished the whole thing and was very grateful for the walking bits. Miserable pace, but I figure I get props for running on christmas day.

Weather: sunny

fitness: walking

feeling 2/5 effort 2/5 distance 3.6km

Allergies shocking again, so an easy walk was a bit huffy. Nice, though, to stretch out after last night’s dancing.
NB: having trouble with right foot at first joint of smallest toes (in foot, not actual toes). Is gradually getting sorer after running and dancing, so might have to revisit podiatrist. Sigh.

Weather: sunny

fitness: regular run

feeling 5/5, .effort 5/5, distance 4.4km, duration 0:43, pace 09:46, calories 558

Walked 5min, ran 10min, walked 3min, ran 15min, walked 5min.
Was doing a week 6 run of c25k because I was feeling sore and still tired when I started, but added in 5minutes extra running because I felt ok. The humidity was MASSIVE and I was sweating buckets. But run felt ok, and I think I can ease back into the proper runs next week. Will start with run 15, walk 3, run 15 (+ warm up and down walks).
Then I’ll be back in the game!

Weather:cloudy, hot, sunny

fitness: run

feeling: good, distance 4.6km, pace 10:52, effort 5/5, calories: 649

Started out doing a usual run but realised that I just wasn’t up to it. Not feeling all that fit at the moment, it’s hot, new shoes, etc etc meant that I couldn’t face a full on run. So I flicked through the c25k runs and picked one at random – wk5day3 which turned out to be a bit easier than I could handle. But I did all the run bits happily, and I figure it’s better to feel good about an easy run than bad about a hard run. I’ll work up to serious running again gradually, I think.
Also: HOT and HUMID. I need to be up and running earlier.

Weather: hot, sunny

fitness: a very poor showing

distance: 5km, calories: 584, effort 5/5, duration: 0.45, pace: 8.59, feeling: alright.

Started running and felt pretty ordinary. Tired. Sore knee. Snot everywhere. Ran. Ran for about fifteen minutes then had to stop because of my hamstrings. Didn’t ever get the proper running rhythm back. So walked with brief spurts of ‘sprinting’ (ie running as fast as I could, but only just getting above walking speed).
It’s very humid, I’ve had shocking allergies for the last few days, I’m still recovering from the weekend (in the knees) and… well, I don’t know. Soon this semester will be over and I’ll have more energy again.