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fitness: E210k w1r2

duration: 00:28, pace: 07:46, calories: 363, effort 5/5, distance: 3.6km, feeling good
Sooorest calves, probably a result of dancing last night.
Still having trouble breathing. Stupid freekin allergies.
This would be easier if I did it three times a week instead of twice. Not happy with my speed, but I figure it’s not too bad as I’ve stepped up the exercise _generally_.

weather: sunny

fitness: E210k w1r1

feeling: 5/5 effort 5/5 duration 0:39, distance 4km, pace 09:45, calories 506

Started the Ease into 10k program.
Ran later in the day (for obvious reasons) and while the consequences of a christmas-without-rules made it a bit of a challenge, the really difficult bit was breathing – I’m still having allergy troubles. STILL. But finished the whole thing and was very grateful for the walking bits. Miserable pace, but I figure I get props for running on christmas day.

Weather: sunny