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  • Run with me!

    If you like jazz and adrenaline, then you might like my new project, Run With Sam. It’s free, it’s easy, and you don’t need any special gear. Want to start running? Run with me! I’m full of good intentions, but I don’t always follow through. So I wouldn’t mind a bit of company. I’m using […]

  • walklondon tube map

    The walklondon walking subway map, a project created by Joe Watson and Aryven Arasen for Walkunlimited, is pretty interesting. It maps the walking time between London tube spots, and notes the landmarks that you’d see on that walking route. The goal was to get people walking instead of freaking out during a tube strike. It’s […]

  • Hans Monderman

    Hans Monderman did away with traffic lights, made people negotiate and prevented accidents. Hans monderman. Shared space Wonderman. Woonerf. Hans Monderman. In practice. linky

  • fitness: walking

    distance: 3.2 km effort 3/5, feeling good Freeeeking humid. 23 days ago Weather: cloudyhot

  • walking is exhilarating

  • fitness: e210k w2r2

    calories 428 effort 5/5 distance 4.4 km duration 00:33 pace 07:29 Kicked. My. Arse. Should probably have gone running _before_ walking, and in the morning when it was cooler. But still, didn’t stop and got as far as last time. 16 days ago Weather cloudyhotsunny

  • fitness: nice walk

    Currently 2/5 Effort.effort 2/5 distance: 3.4km, feeling great Just a nice morning walk. Huuuuumid. Weather: cloudyhotsunny

  • fitness: e210k w2r1

    Currently 4/5 effort 4/5 calories: 428, pace: 07:29, duration: 0.33 distance: 4.4 km _Finally_ feel as though I have this running thing back under control. Slow run is slow, though. Weather: cloudy, windy

  • fitness:a nice walk

    Currently 3/5 .effort 3/5 feeling: good, distance: 3.4km calories: 3 A nice walk in the afternoon. Weather: cloudy, rain, windy

  • fitness: e10k w1r3

    feeling: 4/5 effort: 4/5 distance: 3.8km, time: 0:28, pace: 7:22, calories: 363 Ridiculously slow time. But felt a _lot_ easier. I’m going to get back up to speed slowly. Weather: sunny