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  • gastropod friday – last week

    Forgot to note: bought some ace pancetta from nino and joe’s last week, then chopped up a bunch, fried it in virgin olive oil and garlic, added a hydro tomato, then some baby spinach and rocket and a bit of dried chilli. Served with pasta from pasta man, local parmesan on top, and some lovely […]

  • gastropod friday

    Today is, as declared in previous entries and enthusiastically promoted by galaxy gastropod friday. I haven’t a whole lot of impressive things to say, what with Friday usually being ‘eat out day’ because it’s the end of the week and we’re tired. But. Yesterday I went to the pasta dood over on Lygon St (upper […]

  • rolled shoulders

    So today I scored a new haircut (scored as in paid for). It’s slightly different to my usual very-short. Uli said “what will it be this time? short?” and I said ‘Yes, but I think I want something different”. So now I have ‘girly bits’ at the front. … Which is nice. And anyway, I […]

  • I like Brunswick.

    Right now there’s 3/4 kilo of beef bones sitting in 3L of water with some onions and garlic and a bay leaf. I know they’re enjoying themselves – I can smell it. This is in preparation for a pumpkin soup I’m making this evening. See, the “potatoes, potatoes, fresh and new” guy came around this […]

  • mince pies

    Dave demonstrates his mastery of pastry once again. I’d add a photo of the pies I made for Christmas day, but they’re all gone, and his were so much better it’d shame me to show mine. Long live the home-made mince pie, with home-made fruit mince and home-made pastry… oh, and home-made stars.