hawt gardening prn

We finally revamped the veggie patch. I’ve decided to ditch the veggies and go for solid herbs. That bed there that I’m standing on is really difficult to get things growing in. We’ve a few tomatos who’ve self-seeded themselves near the compost there, and a few left over herbs at the front and to the side, but it’s pretty much empty now. The other bed, on the other hand, is now full of new herb seedlings, as well as the old rosemary and lemon grass and a lavender I should dig out. Now it has a million types of basil, plus other good bits and pieces. They’re left in the hands of The Squeeze’s mother – hopefully they’ll still be well when we get home.

But check out the photos for the whole mulching process. Keep in mind the fact that we weeded thoroughly before hand and dug in some sweet compost from the compost bin.