dogpossum lives!

finally we get around to reincarnating dogpossum.
like that new title? i drew it by hand then coloured it in with photoshop. i think i prefer the hand-coloured effect, but i couldn’t be arsed going back and colouring in all the masters.
on a technical front, we’ve installed the new, flasher version of moveable type (3.something). the author interface is swish. there are new features (including layers of categories – which willl be a nice thing when i finally upgrade freeswingpress to the newer version of movable type).
the squeeze thought shifting my dead dogpossum files to the new movable type would be easy. one hour tops. yeah, right.
so don’t hold your breath – read back through old entries as they’re uploaded, perhaps…

what is it that i’m saying that encourages a male demographic?

i just looked at a blog that had a post with 486 comments. can you believe that? 486. shee-it.

talk about popular kids.

well, i’m happy with my sum total of about 5 readers. i have nothing to prove. morissey loves me just as i am.

but i do sometimes worry about the fact that all my readers are blokes. i mean, i know there are a couple of you faithful chicks who tune in now and then
a) to see photos of yourselves
b) to make sure i haven’t died down here in melbourne or
c) to see pictures of the clothes i’m making for you so you can answer awkward questions about numbers of buttons.
but really. blokes? what is it that i’m saying that encourages a male demographic?