blow you off your bike windy

it is 11 degrees here. day before yesterday it was 10, but ‘felt like 6’ according to that was cold. and i had to go out in it. it’s so cold because it’s crazy windy here. really really windy. like, blow you off your bike windy. despite this, and lungs full of goob, i struggled up to sydney road to pay the rent, buy some veggies so we don’t get scurvy and spend some restorative time in spotlight (having discovered i’m too fat for my emergency wedding dress… wearing-to-wedding dress, that is).

but i’m still cold. it’s cold. cold. cold. cold. 11 isn’t so low, but it’s rainy and windy and very overcast. very drab. but soon i wil be getting some summer (piss-poor british summer, but still, summer).

i really need to get some exercise… oh god, now i really am the queen of dullness. i blame it on my illness. i don’t have the energy (intellectual, physical or emotional) to be witty or scintillating. all i can talk about is the weather, work and sewing. not even dancing any more…

bah, humbug.