Glen was right. After ep 3, True Blood is really neat.
It’s addictive. I think I need to negotiate the politics, but for now, I’m just loving it. I Need. To. Watch. It. All. The. Time.
Other programs I’m watching:

  • Dawson’s Creek, season 2 (from the beginning, a consecutive viewing). Increasingly intolerable;
  • Sanctuary (kind of dumb);
  • season 1 of Buffy (if ever you feel a little oppressed by the patriarchy, Buff will help you out. But only seasons 1 and 2. Then it gets too dark);
  • season 4 of The Wire (double awesome).


  • Deadwood from the beginning again.
  • Sarah Connor Chronicles.
  • Some other stuff.

Cinema atm:

  • Robocop 2. So boring I stopped watching 2 minutes in. The Squeeze is enthralled;
  • Persuasion, BBC version. Can’t remember it, think it’ll be neat;
  • Escape From New York. Sweeeeeeet;
  • new Coen Brothers’ film. Disappointing and a bit boring;
  • XMen. Again. Still ace.

    3 Responses to oh man

    1. glen says:

      “I’ve got gout… on my dick!”

    2. dogpossum says:

      I love all the mournful goth kids at the vamp bar. And the dodgy vamp nest (who get killeded). It’s so campy it’s wonderful.

    3. Alice says:

      I Need. To. Watch. It. All. The. Time.
      Exactly my feelings.