need greens

I need a good nursery. We walked through Petersham today and saw two (one in Lewisham – but I’ve decided Petersham and Lewisham are the same place, even though one has Sweet Belem and the old theatre/roller skating rink and one… doesn’t), both were expensive, one was dodgy. It’s nice looking at nurseries when it’s been raining. There’s a Bunnings in Ashfield, but they suck. I need one that delivers for a reasonable fee (not $48 thanks Bunnings!).
This is what I need:
– some bales of straw/sugar can mulch for mulching. Probably two bales, maybe three. $27 is too much, thanks.
– some plants. Cheapish. I’m after about 4 small lavenders, 4 rosemarys, at least 3 natives (grevillea, banksia, protea combo), a passionfruit vine, a pretty scented ‘traditional’ vine (jasmine, etc) and some other stuff, including citrus trees for pots
– some pots. I want seedling punnets. If I buy some seedlings I’ll get some for free. But I don’t want seedlings, I have my own – they are now fighting and trying to climb out the cramped conditions in the home-made greenhouse tub (rectangular clear plastic tub – perfect mini-greenhouse for seed sprouting, less than $10 each at BigW or a junk shop. Better than a bought one, as they stack properly in our small bathroom/laundry situation). I will also need a couple of large pots for the citrus. I want some small pots for the new seedlings as well
– some potting mix. Decent stuff, probably two bags at least.
– I could also be tempted by some tools (secateurs, etc)
I could do with a feed store for the mulch, but where will I find one of those in inner Sydney?
If anyone knows a decent nursery, I’ll be your best friend forever. Must be within PT of Summer Hill.

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  1. Erm, I keep wanting to chime in with something helpful about these Sydney dilemmas. But I’m afriad plants, yago and fabric are three of the things I know least about in the world.
    Have you been to the Addison Rd markets on Sundays? Its an organic food thing chiefly but perhaps there would be people there who would be The Right Sort of People to ask? The Marrickville Community Nursery has some limited sales type things. I think Summer Hill is actually in Ashfield Council but anyhoo they might help.
    I’ll put the word out to my peeps but I don’t but I move in decidedly non-plant, non-yoga circles ;-)

  2. Hey, thanks for thinking about it though, Amanda.
    I saw a reference to the Addison Rd markets on Marackvilia, so I’m thinking I’ll truck on down there this weekend.
    Ooo, Marrickville community nursery… I’ll check that out mos def.
    Did you like Barbara Morrison, btw? I enjoyed it, but you know, I’m thinking Carol Ralph is actually a bit better… tall call, I know. But if you see her around, let me know. She hails from New Castle, so I’m hoping to see her locally some time…

  3. I loved Barbara, but I also probably see less of that sort of stuff live than you do. Never heard of Carol Ralph, but she’s now officially on the list. And a fellow Newie girl too, which makes me extra interested.
    Also, YOGA not “yago”. D’oh.

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