The Wire.
Get into it.
Best telly ever. Ever. I mean, it challenges West Wing for good. I’d say it’s better than Deadwood. Really. It’s more interesting than The Sopranos. It’s so, so good.
Here’s a little taste:


4 Responses to two words

  1. Is it better than Battlestar Galactica?
    I’m so addicted to B.G. right now. By, so addicted, I mean two and a half seasons in ten days, kinda addicted.

  2. dogpossum says:

    Oh, it’s _so_ much better than BSG. No stupid cutting the corners off pieces of paper rubbish. No religious fanaticism.
    I went off BSG after season 2. But I liked it til then…

  3. Amanda says:

    I’m totally addicted to Battlestar Galactica too. Can’t wait for it to be back.
    But the Wire is better.