john from cincinnati

This show is blowing my brain.
Surf noir.
Deadwood on a beach.
Clever dialogue, lovely cinematography, Luke Perry, mysteriousness, freakin’ A1 soundtrack, surf-scenes that make me want to get wet*.
Once again, another HBO program that doesn’t seem to understand that women are, like, you know – more than for shagging – but that seems par for the course with them…
John From Cincinnati is for you if you like Deadwood. It will make you want to go surfing.
PS I am still crazy for Big Love.
*that’s surf talk, you hooplehead.

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  1. Yep! I love Deadwood, and I’ve just started catching up on JfC too. Enjoying it so far (episode 7) although I have to say Deadwood grabs me more for its clever use of language and its consistently solid cast. There are a couple of characters in JfC that seem so-so to me, but still, generally a really great show to watch!

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