one phrase. that’s 4 8s. or 16 bars. or about 4 seconds

Yesterday I spent an hour and fifteen minutes doing some dancing in dah house and managed to:

  • go over the Tranky Doo a few times
  • go over the Big Apple (FKP) bits I know
  • learn one phrase from the line bit of the BAFKP. That’s some difficult shit. But I am totally onto it. I should have this routine learnt in about… ten years. Or by the end of 2007

It’s still really difficult to learn the partner bits on my own. But I think I’m doing a pretty good job.
I need someone to help me style the Tranky Doo so I don’t look so honky. Or, as Sally kindly pointed out on Thursday night, so I don’t dance like my elbows are glued to my sides.
But the BAFKP taught me how to to do one of the difficult transitions in the Tranky Doo. Goddess Bless the internet.