yay! pears

yapears.jpg There’s something about the smell of ya pears that drives me wild. There are a couple in the kitchen right now, and I can smell then whenever I go in there (which is quite frequently). I love the smell – it’s a perfume.
I love them. I love ya pears. I do. Unfortunately, I can only find them in the supermarkets and I’m sure they’re full of chemicals and are a scary hybrid thingy. But I just imagine what they’re like if they’re organic. Mmmm…

2 Replies to “yay! pears”

  1. From my unreliable memory, there is a pear liquor which may be the reason for my unreliable memory. What I do remember is that it’s very nice.

  2. Taste sensation:
    1 perfect ya pear or nashi, sliced or segmented
    1 handful of large parmesan shavings
    1 glass very good red wine
    I don’t know why these things are perfect together. But they are.

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