i’ll never get to sleep

I’m sitting in front of the telly watching a Blur concert on ABC2. If you don’t have ABC2 – get a digital set top box so you can. They have heaps of great concerts. Last time I tuned it was Radiohead (wasn’t that a dreary waste of my time).
Tonight it’s Blur.
I saw Blur live years ago, and thought they were bloody great live. I know all the songs, but I wouldn’t have a clue who the bandmembers are. I do know that when I was at the concert (Festival Hall in Brisvegas btw) the lead singer guy threw himself into the crowd halfway through that woo-hoo song and I thought I was going to burst. They were so young and British and rude.
That concert and the two They Might Be Giants shows I went to were the best live shows I’ve ever seen.
So I’m sitting here in front of the telly, getting all excited (I’ll never sleep tonight) and thinking about how long it’s been since I saw a live show that wasn’t a jazz band. I miss the rudeness. The adolescent posing. Radiohead were too much for me, though – dang they’re boring, miserable sods. We like jumpy rock n roll types here. Not sulky, broody I’m-so-serious tossers.
I wish I could remember that lead singer’s name. The Blur guy.

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