spam ON!

Is all this spam about diet pills trying to tell me something?
And this stuff:

How many times did you get unhappy after noticing you keep ordering pizza after pizza?

would carry greater weight (tee hee) if I hadn’t recently rediscovered Crust (the seafood pizza was more wonderful than words can describe – and all this for a Brunswick girl who Knows Pizza).
Though I suppose I could be tempted by offers as exciting as these:

Feel yourself more powerful and confident with [deleted name] [tool of the patriarchy] enlargement pills.

I must admit – if this stuff could really make me feel more powerful and confident, well…
Sounds like they’re promising me a shot at superherodom. Here is your cape, here is your super power, and here is your confidence.
And then, there’s the spam from people who’re actually reading my site, but seem… shall we say, a little less than informed? I mean, maybe it’s just me, but I really hadn’t pegged 4 Corners as

onesided, sensationalized journalism

But then, what would I know?
I think I’m going to call myself Italian Sausage Calzone Girl.