I am John Travolta

In our house The Squeeze is convinced that BB is not only foul, but also immoral. He leaves the room if it’s on. I don’t care much either way, in fact I’m watching it now. I’d prefer it if it was unedited, and just a bunch of people in a room with no ‘tasks’ – just like watching a bunch of sharehousers who’re on the dole. No money, so they can’t afford to go out. No imagination, so they don’t go do free stuff. Eeeexcellent.
But I do have a problem with the new program ‘Honey I’m killing the kids’. Ostensibly a program committed to ‘helping’ parents with overweight kids, rather than focussing on positive reinforcement for the parents and children, I suspect the tools are guilt, guilt and more guilt. Nice. I won’t be watching that.
I’ve watched very little telly lately – beyond the eternal Buffy and Angel (seasons 4 and 2 respectively) – but I have my eye on tonight’s OC. Nice.*
In other, more important news, I have a John Travolta obsession. I am convinced, when I’m dancing, that I am the man. It doesn’t help that I think I’m funny when I strut it, Saturday Night Fever style. It’s particularly unhelpful that lindy is built for strutting. Or, more importantly, blues dancing is built for strutting. A keen balboa fan was asking “you’re into this blues stuff – what’s the deal? I just don’t get it,” and of course, the only response is: “strut. You need to strut. Either take it incredibly seriously, or incredibly unseriously. But strut.” It’s true. Blues dancing is all about strutting.
*NB Willow now has an ibook. An oooold one.

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  1. sorry about the sickness, but i am dead jealous re the OC. I had my Mother in Law staying, and she looked after my two boys for two full days AND she cooked tea AND she did a load of washing AND she swept up the leaves, so when she said ‘oh, that torvill and dean ice skating show starts tonight’ and then asked very, very tentatively ‘do you have anything you watch on Tuesday nights?’ what could I do? It went for two hours! Get well soon.

  2. eeek! Torvill and Dean!
    The OC was exactly as one might expect. There was some drinking, some fashionista action, some underage sex…
    I wish I was cool enough to recognise the bands in the soundtrack. Apparently they’re kewl.
    But I’m not. I only recognise 80-year old songs with explicit lyrics or sexual euphemisms involving food. Sushipop (http://www.sushipop.net/sushiblog/) is always up on that sort of thing, though.
    …so, yeah. I feel for you. That guilt thing – it’s so hard to get around good people who do good things. There’s simply no scamming them.

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