because you may or may not be interested…

Since I started DJing (way back there in February – CRAP, how time flys!), I’ve noticed that my hearing has kind of gone downhill. This upsets me, because I previously had amazing hearing – really the aural equivalent to 20-20 vision. But not so much any more.
I’m considering getting some proper ear plugs. But they cost a lot.
It’s a bit of a dilemma…

4 Replies to “because you may or may not be interested…”

  1. Get the ear plugs! Write them off as a tax deduction. Unless you truly want to embrace nanna-hood before your time? Although, since I do know that you like the idea of being a nanna on the bus, I’m not sure my argument is terribly persuasive.
    At least you will be a rockin’ nanna with your PhD thesis under your arm. Well done!
    (Dogpossum: ‘What’s that, dearie?’
    Galaxy: ‘Get a hearing aid, nanna!’)

  2. Oh that’s right, you’re studying at the taxpayers expense. They don’t know what a good deal they’re getting.
    Meanwhile you should buy some of those little squishy foam earplugs that nurses use to sleep in the day time and that bar personnel use to stop going deaf from all that music.

  3. i’ve looked into them. but apparently (according to my drummer friend) they only stop high-frequency noise, when it’s actually low frequency stuff that does the most damage.
    hell. it’s hard.

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