i’m a crap blogger

i have been doing so much computery stuff lately i have a really sore right hand and wrist. i’ve had to request absolutely-no-wrist-holds from leads out dancing. including the squeeze, who had to be reminded a few times. unlike every other dance partner.

so anyhoo i’m doing the lefthanded mouse thing. i learnt to mouse with my left hand (using a south paw’s computer). but those skills are now long gone.

i like using this tiny laptop. it’s nice. a nice alternative to the pc, which is more hassle. i especially like supernerding it up and setting them up next to each other.

i’m also the dullest blogger in the entire universe.

i can’t help it. i don’t have time to write interesting things. i’m too busy fussing over free swing press. well, i would if i had time. i’m too busy with this lecture. or else i’m too busy with my thesis.
i’m very boring these days.