even The Squeeze watches it

ok, so now i need to know why every bloggging woman in australia is obsessed with chanel (which i keep reading as channel).

why do people like her? she really irritates me – she’s a bit smug. and not nearly as ‘out there’ as she’d like to think. just because ms hines thought that portishead song was really obscure, doesn’t mean it actually IS. i mean, it did rank in the mainstream charts for quite a while, if i recall (possibly incorrectly).

in fact, i don’t know why people watch this show. even The Squeeze watches it. he who declared that reality television was ‘amoral’ before stomping out of the room mid-way through big brother last season.
my mum even watches this dire program.


it’s not like they do anything interesting. they just go on telly and preen and sing songs and cry. even the boy-toy hosts suck.

having said all that, that star search show is actually the closest i’ve come to teenager fashion in a while. i’m continually shocked by the toyboy hairdos.
and at uni yesterday (after giving my lecture TRIUMPHANTLY and triggering spontaneous applause and moderate audience participation) i saw a guy whose fashion was so ludicrous it made me laugh out loud.
now, i do have a history of laughing inappropriately, but gawddammn. WHAT is with this 70s surfer boy fashion revival? it was ridiculous in the day. and now, on the bodies of young wipper snappers who were born, like less than two decades ago (that means they were born in the EIGHTIES), it’s absolutely ridiculous.


yes, i am turning 30 next month. no, i do not have any ‘issues’ about it.