now i am in herrang. they have wireless internet here, but i simply don’t have the brain to do anythign complicated with it. it’s been a wonderful week – lots of dancing, but more excellently, lots of talking and makign friends. there are quite a few hundred people here, from all over the world (mostly europe), and all of them are interesting people who like to do things.
my dancing is now kicking arse, but i’m absolutely exhausted and getting the beginning bits of the herrang cold. sore throat, congestion in the sinuses. my cough has returned. but i feel good.
i am not, of course, working terribly hard. but my hindbrain is ticking over.
people are very interested in my work, and have offered some really interesting comments.
i simply can’t write any more now. i’m tooooo tired. and brain dead. 24 hour dancing takes it out of you.