what a tangled mess

i’ve just been reading some things about identity blogs. i went from here to here and then looked around, before getting stuck here, where i found a reference to an article i’d read for the thesis just recently.
things are just getting too tangled. i’ve been working with henry jenkins’ book ‘textual poachers’ at the moment, for my thesis which is on communications practices in swing dancing communities, particularly in reference to f2f and online activity. then i find like a million references to his column ‘digital renaissance’ in MIT’s journal technology review. i have a friend who’s a hardcore swinger/blues man, and he’s an MIT alumni. i discovered jenkins was at MIT after sol and i discussed the sorts of things MIT offered. one step back, and i went to see a paper by a guy called tommy defranz, on afro-american vernacular dance and media/film, which totally inspired me. he’s at MIT, a prof in dance. i was telling sol about tommy’s paper, and sol then notes that a friend of his was working on afro-american vernacular dance – lindy in particular.
so, now all i need is for henry jenkins to make a comment about lindy/swing on my blog, and the whole thing’ll be so tangled i have to give up blogging, dancing and my phd out of sheer frustration.