the best things i said yesterday

including online

yesterday i said on swing talk that i preferred “blow-your-hat-off-charlie showmanship” in dance competitions to “that canned, fake, cheezy shit”.

i felt clever when i wrote ‘blow-your-hat-off-charlie’ and it made my friend zot laugh. now i think i’m a bit of a wanker, but it was still a damn smartypants thing to say. very much in the spirit of jon’s dad brian, who brought jon and i much delight with his phrase ‘billy the bloody goose’ – admonishment for erring sons.

yesterday i also told The Squeeze while we were lying in bed discussing our day, that if he could see all the words i’d written that day, it would blow his pants off.
even reading that now makes me laugh. oh man, it’s a funny image. i’ll draw a picture of it, and you’ll laugh too.

so, all up, i’d say yesterday i was pretty damn clever. but today i’m practising humility.