it goes slow…

IÂ’ve decided to take a break from trying to make this website…

…The Squeeze says heÂ’ll help me tomorrow. Now I can speak a few more words of html – img, font
not so useful on their own. It goes slow. But at least I know what I want. I think. Well, I know what I donÂ’t want.
Instead IÂ’m making clothes. The red silky is coming well: goddamn it I forgot to stay stitch the armholes, so I had to just bias tape them. it looks pretty, but I think itÂ’s too big.
I made other people clothes as well. Ah, satisfaction.
IÂ’ve decided to trade some new clothes for some herb garden work. IÂ’m dead keen on a serious herb garden. Research has ensued. Will trade stitches for digging. Organic, of course!