i like my text to roam free

i’ve been working on this intynet thing all goddamn day…

…The Squeeze taught me how code worked this morning, and we were done by 1pm. i’ve been fiddling ever since. and what have i got to show for my efforts? a new banner/title thingy, two little pictures and some coloured font.
now i’m working on the archive of recent entries – i want to list them by categories, rather than in a big chunk. or do i? i know i want to list some by category…
the little ship is the search title… not sure how obvious that is.
should i put a box around the picture and its list of links? i’m not that keen on boxes. i like my text to roam free
and the searching poss picture has a huge big space between it and the search box. sheesh. even The Squeeze can’t make that go away.
i’ll get it tomorrow. unless i’m actually working.

i’ve neglected my sewing terribly. i had planned on finishing two pairs of trousers for a friend and getting into my pink and red fleece cardigan, but it just didn’t happen. at least sewing gives the satisfaction of material results.