an exercise in prune-ness

it’s damn hot

and it’s windy – really windy. the windows are rattling in their frames, and the plants are looking seriously whipped and dehydrated.
going outside is an exercise in prune-ness, with the moisture in your skin being baked out, even as the sweat gathers in your creases.
damn good laundry weather, though.
i’m hiding inside with the windows and curtains closed, keeping the bit of cool inside. and i’m trying to work. at least i’ve got the chapter in front of me today. the ethics applications forms are done again, and off to be looked at by the various committees… i’ll sort out the grants forms with the supervisor and then finally get them in. again. this trip seems to be sucking up time more than its fair share of time. it had better be worth it.
i’m still trying to figure out stuff on this site, bit by bit, when i should be working, of course. so these entries are kind of crap…
guess it’s better than pissing about on the swing talk board