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November 30, 2005

brief round up action

I've been busy busy lately. So no blogging. Though I guess that's one good thing about being busy - plenty to blog about.

1.MLX5. we ran it the weekend before last. It went majorly well, and - surprisingly - I don't now hate the thought of the damn thing. We had a Tasmanian and a Perthian stay with us (with extended visits from crinkle) and had a jolly time.
2.Sydney. On the Thursday after the Monday MLX finished, I went to Sydney to do a paper at the CSAA conference. It went well. The visit was way fun - stayed with nice local dancer, sampled the city's local dance scene, etc etc. Did no site-seeing though, which I kind of regret, esp as I wanted to get to the PowerHouse and the Gallery. But bought three Proper box sets (Fats Waller, Bix Beiderbecke and Ben Webster) for me and one for The Squeeze (Oscar Peterson). All for only $35 each. That's a total of 16 superior CDs for only $150. I know, I know, it's amazing.
3.The Squeeze quits his job and goes on holiday. We are both home all day, now, which is only mildly distracting for PhD girl, and could end in mutual, cataclysmic explosion action. But only could. Good thing we like each other.
4.Came home and wrote chapter. The best is last, of course. That goddamn final chapter is now down in words. Of course, it's a crazy mess and needs mucho mucho work, but still.

Jobs to do:
1.Edit chapter into chapterness. Out of the wilderness, into the world of agriculted thesis.
2.Get a decent photo for the Melbourne Jazz Dance Association site (the body we use for running dance events - starting with MLX5), buy a domain and get the goddamn thing up there.
3.Think about the MLX6 website and theme. Am considering some sort of blogging software to make updating the site much easier and to allow muliple authors. Could use some other sort of data managment outfit, but... we'll see. We definitely need a discussion board and facility for uploading files as we've pretty much maxed out our yahoo site's space. But that will depend on the purchase of the domain and foundation of the website. Pft.
4.Got to yoga. Just go.
5.Go see a film.

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November 13, 2005

hola amigos!

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Yesterday we had many people around for a Mexican Bandidos lunch. We did intend to dress up, but a lack of effort on my part and supreme busyness on the parts of both myself and The Squeeze resulted in a non-effort. Various guests, however, obviously familiar with our high fancy dress standards, did make an effort. We have photographic evidence. There was a little regret on our parts for not putting on the giant mo and firing rifles into the air, but we settled for a pinata and truly awesome food. TRULY awesome food. All Mexican themed (or as Mexican as a couple of gringos in Melbourne - John and I - could manage). I ate so much I thought I'd die. Then we brought out the fruit and brownies.
The meal featured many avocados, mangoes and spanish sausage, a big snapper, pork ribs, an amazing organge and spinach salad, a lovely bean salad, mango salsa, chili con carne, rice, tortillas.... and a million other things.
Then we beat the shit out of the pinata.

You can, of course, check out the photos on flickr in the Bandidos Party set.

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November 10, 2005


Well, it's been a slow thesis week. Again. I have no excuse. My conf paper is, however, looking dang fine - chock full of clips and photos. If powerpoint dies, I'm dead.
The birthday is on Friday - 31 years old and still dressing like a playschool presenter. We are making a pinata in honour of the day... meaning, we started last night and it's still pretty wet. The Squeeze, though he knows everything about computers, knows nothing about paper mache. Hopefully he's learnt a few things from the Queen of Craft, including smaller-pieces-of-paper=good. He tested the theory and ended up with a bit of a mess. But now he Knows.

On other, procastinatory fronts, FSP has a new style (and a tidied up template). There will, no doubt, be complaints about its paleness, it's whiteness. But I don't care. I like the white-blue-green 70s feel of it. I've even posted a few entries on it to demonstrate its excellence. Just don't look at the comments pop-ups - I got sick of the thing before I finished them.

On one more doing-something-other-than-that-which-I-should thing: I've been finishing off some sewing jobs that needed doing. That black dress with the indecently low bodice that's been hanging in the dining room for weeks, waiting to be finished? Done. And teamed with some knee-length, white, lace-edged knickers, will be perfect for the MLX5 weekend. The Squeeze proclaims it "SO cute." And I've finally finished those black, stretch-linen trousers I've had sitting about for at least a year. Side-button fly, and very nicely fitted too, thankyou. They will look dang fine with the blackish denim jacket with the black/cream 'French' peasant-styled lining. Just need some sort of blouse action so I don't shock anyone with my incredibly hot bare chest.
And those blue stretchy-fabric-that-looks-like-denim-but-isn't trousers? Also done and very comfortable. I'm not really sure what I was thinking when I bought that fabric. Sure, it looks just like denim, but it's not denim, and fake denim is pretty damn daggy. But they're supremely comfortable trousers (I put darts in them and all to fit them properly), and even though the waist is a tad high for casual stretchy pants (I was thinky 'real trousers' when I cut them out and added the waist band), they still fit really nicely and look good as well as feeling good.
I'm considering making one more little dress or perhaps a blouse. I need to waste more time, I'm sure. And I'm waiting for an imovie file to compress, and it's taking ages because I want top quality footage of dancers for my paper. Can you believe I get to do this? Put together a series of excellent clips and photos of dancers to match a (very) short paper all about camps and exchanges? And then get paid by the uni to travel to another city to deliver it? Is this not the perfect Score?

... now, if only I could finish that half-done final thesis chapter...

Did I mention that I have a new ibook? It's very pretty. I like the way it has a cd disc drive. Small things, I know... and I like the way I have a pluggy thing so I can watch my clips on the telly. I'm still not convinced that itunes is the best thing on earth (I will miss winamp on the old little lappy - it was nice to use itunes and winamp in conjunction - music database + simple media player = better than itunes alone), but still... It is very pretty. We love each other very much.

I saw the new Pride and Prejudice fillum the other day. I loved it. But then, I would. I'm very into lady-films. I was planning on going on my own, but The Squeeze decided he wanted to come to. So he did. We went to the Nova, which is quite middle class/studenty and has some nice little cinemas that seat about 50 people. We were in one of those. With 44 women and only 3 other men. Dave was awash in oestrogen. It was pretty much the perfect way to see a new Jane Austen flick: a cinema full of ladies (mostly in groups of 2,3 or 4), all rowdy and happy and looking forward to a nice fillum. All of whom knew the story intimately, and were really only there to see how this one 'was done'. There was much mid-film commentary, laughing at jokes and appreciating in-jokes, cheering for the heroine, etc etc etc.
I had a lovely time. I don't know about The Squeeze, but he did laugh in the right places, and didn't do the annoying wriggling-about-and-sighing that he does when he's bored (and for which I'd originally planned to exclude him from this outing).
Jane Austen = yes.

hm... That's about it, really. I have no other news. I am too dull for words. Literally.

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November 4, 2005

the most exciting thing...?

This has been the couple-of-days of websiting. Obvious thesis procrastination.
I've been working on a layout for the Melbourne Jazz Dance Association site (tres minimalism - very clean, simple, modern-looking. ooh la la); I've been fiddling with the FSP style (again, a very different look - 'cooler' colours (green and blue with white/black basics), and I've gotten jiggy with flickr. I've uploaded about 19 photos and immediately busted my monthly limit. I either need to upload smaller files (and sacrifice quality? Are you on crack?!) or get me a flickr upgrade - $US24.95 a year. Hm....
It's some seriously neat shit, though...

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