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  • amiri baraka at last

    Finally, I’ve made it to Amiri Baraka (aka LeRoi Jones). It’s taken way too long. I’ve just read this: Jazz and the White Jazz Critic. I didn’t read it there (in a google books page that make me suddenly think ‘what the fuck do we bother with publishers and book deals? All our rights as […]

  • happy birthday frankie!

    As many of you know, Frankie Manning passed away a couple of weeks before the massive Frankiefest week of celebrations for his 95th birthday. The saddest of news, and yet, probably saddest because Frankie’d be crawling with jealousy that thousands of dancers are enjoying his party without him. But even those of us who couldn’t […]

  • happy day

    This lovely thing just arrived! Sure, it was a little embarrassing opening the door to the post dood wearing only a (very) short, light cotton dress, but I like to think I made his afternoon a little more interesting. But it was just GREAT to see a giant Mosaic cardboard box under his arm. I […]

  • thursday cat blogging

    A little bit out of my sphere of interest, but it’s Sister Rosetta Tharpe, and that’s gotta be good. I should really be putting this post under jeeeezus as well, as Tharpe is one of those big voice chicks who got it going on in revivalist shows originally. Dancers know her for the stuff she […]

  • want

    Any of these CDs from the Boilermaker Jazz Band. this CD from the Firecracker Jazz Band (listen – most especially to ‘Digga Digga Doo’ here) And, because it’s not all want, I’m quite enjoying the Loose Marbles CD the lovely D sent me. Check out their version of ‘When I get low I get high’ […]

  • monday jazzblogging (because everyday’s caturday when you likes jass)

    I wish I could shimmy like my sister Kate ~ Mugsy Spanier and His Ragtime Band 1939 Oh, wish I could shimmy, like my sister Kate, Now she shakes it like jelly, On a plate. My momma wanted, To know last night, Why the boys think Kate’s so nice, Every boy in my neighbourhood Now […]